The Music Producer’s Guild


The Music Producer’s Guild is an organisation dedicated to representing the interests of record producers, recording engineers and anyone passionate about all aspects of making and recording music. The organisation provides a forum for debate and networking as well as ensuring the voices of its members are heard by government and the music industry as a whole.

The Guild had a custom-built web-application that handled both publishing content to the web-site as well as handling the membership database. However, as the administration team are all volunteers, the time taken to maintain this database was becoming a problem. This was compounded when the original software developer moved on to pastures new.

Mick approached Rahoul to take over the maintenance of the application and a long-term relationship was born.

The first task was to move the application to more suitable web hosting, followed quickly by streamlining the membership renewal process. This moved to being fully automated – members are notified of their upcoming renewals four and two weeks in advance and then payment taken and their subscription updated with no intervention on the part of either the member or the administration team.

As the Guild grew the functionality was split into two parts – a web "front-end", using WordPress as a platform, and a membership and ticketing system managed through a custom database. This offered the Guild the best of both worlds – an attractive, easy to update web-site, with the streamlined administration and automation of the membership functions that they had grown accustomed to.

Now the site has been in operation for several years, bringing in six figures in subscription and ticket revenue, and the Guild has grown significantly, boasting many high-profile members and household names. They offer a number of special events, the highlight of which being the Annual MPG Awards Ceremony, as well as a number of opportunities for students to enter the industry along with special offers and benefits for members. All whilst taking minimal time and effort to manage.

The MPG website and mailing list provides a valuable method of communication with our members, whether informing them of member-exclusive benefits and offers, upcoming events or our annual awards ceremony. The custom database built by Rahoul means that subscriptions and notifications are handled automatically, significantly reducing the amount of time that we spend on administration.

Mick Glossop, Executive Director

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