Three good things for September

Well, September’s been an interesting month.


  • We’ve switched our project management system.  It’s not a massive deal, but it’s exciting to me.
  • I’ve started coding a lot more – I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it.
  • We’ve run a few consultancy sessions – instead of trying to design a full-blown system for you, we can take a look at what’s going on and try and figure out a quick and easy fix to make things a bit better.


Three good things for August

  • We won a new client, building an HR system for a retailer
  • I’ve written an email course on how to organise your business using software that’s free (more on that to come later)
  • Our quarterly planning session has resulted in some awesome, tough but achievable goals for the next three months

Three good things for December


  • Bishisht is drunk because it’s wedding season in Nepal
  • We finished a project and prepared a beautiful instruction manual
  • I did a fantastic presentation to a group of local businesses


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Three good things at the end of November



We have two new starters on the software development side and I’ve really enjoyed helping them get up to speed with some of the complexities of what we do.

Bishisht, who is based in Nepal, tells me that this month is Hindu wedding month in Nepal (he has been to one and has at least three more to go in the next couple of weeks)

And he also hosted a Spanish couple at his house, showing them around his city.


Congratulations Bishisht!

Three good things for November


  • Echodek won a big new contract, overhauling a complex, data-driven website for a prestigious client
  • We hired a new developer, sifting through hundreds of applicants, following a detailed process to find the right person
  • We’re working towards a new consultancy model, adding another string to our bow