IT Projects have a bad reputation. Always late. Always over-budget. Never do what they are supposed to.


EchoDek is different. We deliver what you need when we promised for the costs agreed.


The EchoDek Way is different


We start with a chat over a cup of tea. I’ll find out what you’re looking for. And I’ll have a few questions for you too. Nothing too taxing; I just like to be sure that what we end up proposing has some real business value for you.


The Outline


A few days later, I’ll send through an Outline Proposal. This describes the problem you’re looking to solve, our solution for it and our measures of success. Of course, you’ll be interested in how much it is likely to cost and when it will be delivered – at this stage we can’t give definite answers, but we won’t be too far away.

If you want those definite answers, there’s still more work to be done.

And this is where we get serious.


The Process Review


First, we’ll send you an NDA – if we want to go any further, we’re going to have to dive deep into the nuts and bolts of your business and you need to feel safe while we do that.

And then, we arrange an “Action Plan and Process Review“. This is a paid engagement where I sit with you and your staff and we go through exactly what you need, the best way to achieve it and how to make sure that we hit our goals.


The Action Plan


The outcome of the review meeting is an Action Plan. A detailed description of how we move your company forwards, how we overcome the hurdles in front of you and achieving your goals.

The Action Plan includes descriptions of the functions and features of the software, in plain English, often with story-boards describing how it will work. It includes a delivery plan – milestones, system reviews and emergency planning drills (because, when building something mission-critical, disaster recovery plans are essential). And it includes the payment schedule. From the start of the project to go-live, through to the maintenance and support plans (including unlimited future enhancements in the majority of cases).


EchoDek in Action


Once agreed, the team gets to work, using a software development methodology known as Behaviour Driven Development. This ensures that we stick to the agreed specifications and the software performs as expected.

At each milestone, we review our progress and if necessary, we reprioritise – the world moves fast and sometimes you need to roll with the punches.

When go-live day rolls around, we don’t expect any drama, no fireworks. We’ve done all the testing, everything was set up days in advance, so you can watch your new system go live with no tension or headaches.


After the after-party


Next, we schedule in the disaster recovery drill (so we’re prepared for any emergencies) and reviews at one, three and six months. During the reviews, we look at those measures of success we decided upon at the start and see if the project is measuring up. And if not, between us, we put together a plan to remedy it.

Nearly all our clients take the “unlimited enhancements” plan – so not only do you get hosting, backups and automatic system monitoring, but you also get to request as many changes as you want to the software. Because no business stands still. And with the “priority enhancements” plan, not only do you get your own dedicated development resource, you get a monthly performance review where we can reschedule and reprioritise in the face of the data.


The EchoDek Way


Our process is designed to give you peace of mind.

  • You get what you need, on time and on budget
  • We are ready for changes in your business
  • We are ready for disasters and emergencies
  • We measure performance to make sure we hit your goals

That’s the EchoDek Way.